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Legend has it that only those who climb the great mountain will taste the Holy Blue Cheese...  

Control a little mouse and climb to the top! Stay perched on the wall and avoid the dangers of the mountain, only if you can... 

A classic 2D climber game made for Amstrad,  programmed in assembler and inspired by mythical game Crazy Climber. Also we made this game to participate into CPCRetroDev, an international competition for Amstrad video game developers.




How to Play: 

Perched can be played with Keyboard or Joystick, both are valid.

 Q or Joystick Up: Climb Up

A or Joystick Down: Climb Down

O or Joystick Left: Go Left

P or Joystick Right: Go Right


How to run Perched!: 

To run our game in an Amstrad CPC 464 you must type Run" press the return key and click on Play. 

To run or game in WinApe you must type on a terminal: cpct_winape -as o cpct_winape Perched.sna.

Ultimately,  to run or game in Retro Virtual Machine you must type on a terminal: cpct_rvm -ac o cpct_rvm Perched.cdt.



The gesture we choose of the game Rainbow Islands are the rainbows that appear at the end of each level, just at the top of our mountains. You have to cross against them and reach the end of the level.

Gesture on Perched!



- Paula Garcia Morales, programmer. Instagram: paulaga72, Twitter: Click here

- Jorge Perez Dominguez, programmer. Twitter: Click here 

- Laura Gil Lopez, programmer, artist and musician. Instagram: laurimation

All the content that appears in the game is self-created.

Font used on the trailer:
https://www.dafont.com/es/rocks-g.font by Goma Shin (free to use)

 twitter: LuminaDev



Winape, Rvm, SublimeText, Tiled, Arkos Studio, Gimp, VisualStudio, Procreate



Perched.zip 5 MB
Perched.cdt 45 kB
Perched.dsk 199 kB
Perched.sna 64 kB
Making of Perched.pdf 1 MB
Manual of Perched.pdf 2 MB


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Unos graficos muy graciosos y un juego muy entretenido. Y un curro hacerlo desde 0 en ensamblador.